I SRSLY Have A Mental Health Problem

3 thoughts on “I SRSLY Have A Mental Health Problem”

  1. Hi, Micah! It is such a great opportunity that you posted this article. If you have read my previous posts, I may have shared about bipolar disorder and that I completely have the same sentiments with you re social stigma and people around us.

    Sadly, it is social stigma that is preventing most people with mental health problems the proper recovery they needed. And it is because of lack of awareness from our society – acceptance for one. It is even disheartening when people tag us as just overly sensitive or to quote them, “you are on your emo shit again,” etc. wherein they fail to recognize that mental health problems aren’t all about emotions but an abnormality on certain functions of your entire psyche (if I am not mistaken) and it is basically the same as having cancer. They usually dismiss it as something not life-threatening thus a cause for little concern.

    This was the reason why I took Special Education for the hopes of understanding myself more and educate others too when it comes to understanding disabilities. I am just proud of you for taking the stand and that I am also giving my full support in this advocacy. Will post banner in my site. – From a perfectly imperfect co-Christian Filipina. 😊 ❤ #keepthefaith

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    1. Hello, Christine Lailani! Thank you so much for sharing your take about this matter. I totally agree with you about the significance of this problem because all of us get to experience mental health concerns at some point, and we all know people in our circles who are crippled by them, no matter what their social status, family background, or orientation is. The legislation and the aids are needed more than ever because the conditions are not getting better. From changes in technology to culture, the benefits have negative trade-offs as well which we better be initiating to address already in this country. So I would just like to say as well that it is so encouraging for me to get to know about a fellow Christian Filipina mental health advocate in this space of the internet! I am in the field of Psychology and I do my share of spreading awareness through affiliation with people who are passionate about resolving this kind of social issue. You may want to check out their twitter account here: https://twitter.com/mentalhealth_ph Thank you again for your comment and let’s continue sharing these kinds of stories in our social media platforms to continue identifying, connecting, and supporting the other mental health advocates and initiatives. God bless, and nice meeting you here! ☺

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